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Best hide IP address software review.


 Hide Your IP Review


Do you value your online privacy ?

Do you want to be able surf anonymously and hide your IP address ?


Well, I have  tested some of the most popular software around to do this and rather than provide you with pages of test results, pros and cons and illustrations, I am simply gong to cut to the chase and give you my 5 star recommendation.

Now, there are several ways to hide your IP and the software route is just one.Others include the use of a Virtual private network (VPN) and this is an excellent choice.However, this involves a monthly contract and is not exactly cheap.So, when I set out to review the best options to surf anonymously, I considered several things, not least cost which is always a significant factor.

And this is why I arrived at the software option, as costs are significantly cheaper than the VPN option, whilst mainlining good results.There was a standout winner for me and without further ado, here it is below :

masq only

IP Masquerade : The best hide your IP software !

I have taken some info direct from the website to show you the features and hype :

Want to surf anonymously and hide your IP address ?
Worried about your surfing tastes being monitored and you being traced?
Want to keep your online activities private ?
 Do you want to surf without leaking your Geo-location and other important data about you ?
 Well you can do ALL OF THIS & MORE with IP Masquerade !

All sounds good, so lets read further to hear what they have to say about the features of the software :

       Anonymous Surfing

With IP Masquerade you can select from dozens of fake IP addresses and surf the web anonymously and therefore hide your real IP address from those hackers who want to steal your ip information and track you via your IP address.The hackers will be given a fake IP , carefully selected by you from over 77 countries.

Protect Your online Identity
When online nothing is more important that protecting your identity from websites and hackers who will collect information about you ( without your knowledge ) and use this for malicious activities.They may try to find your geolocation and attempt to gather other important data ( your surfing tastes, financial information, account information, passwords etc ).Would you give the world your physical address without a care ? Of course you wouldn’t, so why would you do this with your real IP address ? Stop hackers and snipers from spying on you via your real IP address.

Select Your Physical IP location
With IP Masquerade you can select a fake IP address of your choice, with over 70 IP addresses and numerous countries to choose from.You are in control not the hackers !

Multiple filters to choose from
With IP Masquerade you can select a fake IP addresses of your choice, with over 100 IP addresses and numerous countries to choose from.You are in control not the hackers !

Get access to previously banned Forums and Restricted Sites
With IP Masquerade you will once again be able to access  forums and restricted sites that have  banned you.

Beat the spammers!
Avoid your personal information being used to send you spam and junk emails. Don’t fall victim to those internet spammers who will use your IP address,location and email to send you unsolicited emails.
Don’t allow the hackers to steal your online information about you.Its your right to maintain your privacy!


All sounds pretty solid but does IPMasquerade live up to this in testing ? Well, before we get to that lets look at some of my review criteria , albeit simple criteria I used to measure if the software.
  Review criteria :
1. Cost
2. Ease of use
3. Does it do what it says on the tin ?
4.Whats different from its competitors ? 
5. Reliability
Simple criteria but that's my 5 star review criteria !

Ok, lets start with cost.At only £19.99 once only payment ( yes no monthly subscriptions ) this makes it the best value in its class.Compared to others this is at least a third cheaper than others who have a similare pay once raher than a subscription model.So, its streets ahead of the competition on cost, but does that mean its inferior to the others ? Simply, no its not!
I took the free trial first to see how easy the program was to download and install on my computer and to be honest my kid could do this.Nothing fancy to download , just a simple installer to click and follow a couple of commands to install the software on my desktop with the green mask icon.So all good so far.
Then I input some websites I wanted to surf anonymously ( very easy ) and pressed scan.The software then searched for all available IPs that work well with the sites I input and returned just under 150 IPs within about 90 seconds !! There were dozens of different countries to choose from and varying response times so its easy to select the best from the list.These are all filterable also and this is a great feature of the software.In fact you can filter all of these easily:
IP adress
IP Country
Scanned sites
Response times
Elite proxies ( these are completely anonymous ) 
You can also input manually any Ip address you want which is another cool feature.
From here all that you need to do is click "Masq me " and the software does the rest to hide your IP.I tested the sites for speed and reliability and both came out on top.No excessive page load times, almost as quick as my own IP, which for these types of IP hider programs is quite rare I have to say.I then checked my fake IP against a site that looks for your IP and all was good again with my real IP undetectable and the fake one in use.So, brilliant IPmasquerade!!
The next test involved switching between IPs and going back to my own IP.All of this is so simple by clicking a single button to g back and forth, so 5 stars simplicity straight away !At this stage I am beginning to see what is diferrent from its competitors.. it simplicity and that fact that it does exactly as it says is clear to me that its different from the crowd, so next criteria is satisfied already!
Finally, reliability is a must for me and I felt that it was unrealistic to assess this over 3 days ( this is the trial period for IPMasquerade ), so in light of my initial impressions I had no hesitation in paying the once only payment to keep the software.Now I have bee using it for over a month and wouldn't be without it ! Its a gem of a program and evenlets me use restricted sites due to country location, so I can watch videos and download music from sites I would previously have been banned from.As for reliability its never let me down.

So, the final review verdict will be no surprise if you have read this far.Its a clear thumbs up for IPMasquearde as it ticks my 5 Stars on all fronts !


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